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  • Based in Germany near Lake Constance, Renfert is a mid-sized, family-run company with a history dating back to 1925. Our company is founded on a passion for premium quality dental products and a commitment to making the daily routine in dental laboratories and dental and orthodontic clinics just that little bit easier. Renfert develops and manufactures equipment, instruments, and materials for dental use and is a market leader in several product areas. 

VITA Zahnfabrik: This is how prosthetics are made!

The name VITA Zahnfabrik is known worldwide for top-quality products and consistent, competent outcomes. Since it was founded in 1924, the company’s first priority has always been the needs of dental technicians, dentists and patients. The ambition to provide the highest quality dental care is as much our guiding principle today, as it was when we first started. For this reason VITA products are uncompromising in their user-friendliness, aesthetics and quality, offering dental professionals the ability to create high-end prosthetics that can confidently be compared to natural teeth. This is why users from over 150 countries around the world trust in our products.

Sagemax – Made in USA

Sagemax is one of the world’s leading dental manufacturers and suppliers of zirconia. Founded in 2006, the company is a rapidly growing provider of aesthetic zirconia products for leading dental CAD / CAM systems.

The Sagemax development team has over 15 years of experience in preparing and processing zirconia powders. This experience is reflected in the unique manufacturing and coloring process. The result is zirconia restorations with high esthetics.

Next frontier of bone regeneration

an innovative bone substitute produced by combining a bovine mineral bone matrix with bioresorbable polymers and collagen fragments.
SmartBone® is CE marked according to 93/42/EEC Medical Device Directive classified as a class III Medical Device.

High Quality dental implant for Long-term Stability Fundamental

Dentis’s Clean-Tech™ eliminates concerns about ‘residue’ and ‘toxicity’ that existing SLA may have through surface treatment processes such as Sandblasting – Large grit – Acid etching, and improves clinical safety. I raised it.
In recognition of its technological prowess, it is a safe implant that has received the ‘Trsted Quality’ certification from the ‘Clean Implant Foundation’, a non-profit organization comprised of advisors from renowned dentists around the world.

Specializes in endodontics and restoratives serving 

DiaDent is a leading manufacturer and exporter of dental materials, consumable supplies, dental instruments and small equipment. DiaDent has been a leader in the dental industry since 1985. DiaDent’s head office is based in South Korea and we supply through a network of over 900 dental dealers in over 127 countries around the world.

No. 1 company expanding to the world Denbio Co., Ltd

developing various products such as dental fluorine liniment, dental composite restorative composite and impression materials and dental abrasive and etchant.It is playing a pivotal role in developing and commercializing the best products based on Denbio’s independent technology development.

Professional factory for endo files and Gutta Percha Point

Gavin Biotechnology focuses on product innovation. Our products include nickel-titanium root canal files, stainless steel root canal files, multi-taper files, variable taper files, G-drills, P-drills, delivery pins, extraction pins, nickel-titanium archwires, push/pull springs and gold-cemented turning pins, dental electronics, etc.

Our company introduces international advanced biological film covering technology,adopts imported alloy materials and provides an overall solution for international oral treatment,striving to solve the effectiveness and durability of dental treatment,and achieve cure,beautification and long-term health.

A leading aesthetic and strong dental zirconia blocks for CAD/CAM systems

Zahndent is a well-known brand dedicated to serving dental laboratoty CAD CAM digital solutions. Zahndent Biotechnology Co., Ltd provide zirconia blocks and dental scanners for dentiscts and dental technicians. We have lots of experience to serve oversea customers. We provide branded supporting if you want to be an agent of your country or area.

KASO Dental Units

 Experts in Manufacturing and Exporting Dental Units/ Air Compressor/ X-ray Unit/ Autoclave /RVG Sensor / Intraoral Camera